Retro Fit Hooded Cable Knit Pullover Sweater for Men

Retro Fit Hooded Cable Knit Pullover Sweater for Men


Festival Fashion

ImageVery Volatile Markie Boot

It’s Festival season! Concerts, parties, fun times with friends, what’s not to love? People-watching is always a fun activity, but style watching during these shindigs is the best. The festival trend has been huge this spring, and not just for festivals. The trend includes crop tops, lace, layers, booties, cut-offs, and unique pieces with vintage vibes. We have picked out some of our favorite festival looks to help you pack for the next festival near you.

ImageDestructed Denim Shorts with Lace Trim, ChiffonTank, Cowboy Boots

ImageLace Dress, Chiffon Tank, White Sandals

ImageHigh-Low Dress, Lace Vest, Cowboy Boots



Tie Dye Maxi Skirt, Lace Crop Top, Denim Vest, Cowboy Boots, White Crossbody Purse

There’s a huge festival coming up in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, which is where one of our Glik’s stores is located. WE Fest is an annual country music festival that has been going on for over 20 years and never fails to deliver some fantastic performances. August 1st-3rd some of the biggest names in country music will be coming to Detroit Lakes to perform including Carrie Underwood, Eric Church, Keith Urban, Darius Rucker, Kenny Rogers, and Kellie Pickler. Check out the full line up here. So many famous faces in one place! So the big question is…what will you wear?!

Take a trip to your local Glik’s store to start shopping for all the best festival looks! 





Minocqua Blast Wake Event



The Glik’s team traveled to the beautiful Minocqua, Wisconsin to attend the Minocqua Blast Fox Wake event last week! Besides traveling to an incredible lakeside destination, we were able to watch the Min-Aqua Bats perform alongside some talented Fox Wake Riders. Rusty Malinoski, Jimmy Lariche, and Gus and Gunnar Shuler are the Fox Wake Riders that performed on July 17th on Lake Minocqua. The turnout for the event was huge! 



The Min-Aqua Bats are a team of wakeboarders that perform twice a week in Minocqua during the summer. The team is made up of young girls and boys who have a passion for riding and performing. The turnout for the Min-Aqua Bats show is always great, but the crowd last Wednesday night was one of the biggest according to Minocqua locals. People were scanning the deck for the famous Fox riders, hoping to catch a close up glance before they went out onto the water.



Above is Gus Shuler





The performance was fantastic! The Min-Aqua Bats put on a fun and entertaining show and the Fox riders took to the water during half time for their exclusive demo performance. The riders were phenomenal, and the setting sun reflecting in the boat’s pathways only added to the performance. 

ImageGunnar Shuler

When the Fox riders finished their performance and walked up through the stands to make their way back to the Fox bus, they were surrounded by fans. Everyone wanted to snap a picture with these industry professionals. Children were getting parts of their body signed, mothers and fathers were ushering their kids forward to get a picture and a chance to meet the riders face to face. Jimmy, Rusty, Gus, and Gunnar did not let the fans down. They enjoyed the admiration and gladly posed for photos and autographed memorabilia for the fans.

ImageGus and Gunnar Shuler Posing for Pictures with Fans

ImageRusty Malinoski Signing Autographs for Fans

ImageJimmy LeRiche Signing Autographs

ImageJimmy and Rusty Posing for a Pic

On Thursday, July 18th, the riders came by our Glik’s store located in downtown Minocqua to sign autographs for Fox fans. The turnout was huge! Judy, one of the store managers of the Minocqua store, said it was the largest crowd they had ever seen for a Fox signing! It was a blast hanging out with the Fox team and watching the fans’ excitement.



Thanks so much to the Fox Team and Rusty, Jimmy, Gus, and Gunnar for coming out to help with this awesome event!

Find us on Instagram at glikclick for more highlights and footage of the event! You can find Fox apparel on our website or at one of our Glik’s locations








Pink Pewter Stretch Headbands

This week a new women’s accessory line, Pink Pewter, made its debut on our New Arrivals page at This fashion forward  hair and jewelry accessory line for women offers absolutely stunning high-fashion accessories that are both fun, edgy, and versatile enough to be used in a wide range of looks. Accentuate any outfit effortlessly with an embellished, stretch headband from Pink Pewter, or completely switch up your whole entire look.

Pink Pewter’s founder, Mireya Villarreal, created this brand with one, clear-cut ambition. As a creative hairstylist herself, she wanted to create an accessory line that would not only transform old ‘looks’, but at the same time revitalize old hairstyles by keeping them in pace with modern trends.

As a stylist, Mireya has worked in the beauty industry for runway and for international performing artists. She was able to gain a unique perspective into the flow of trends throughout her time spent traveling, which in turn allowed her direction on developing her own line of chic accessories that are designed to compliment a wide variety of looks and personalities. Pink Pewter started as a small collection of headbands and clips. Now it has grown into a full line of accessories and jewelry products that are diligently kept up-to-date with the hottest fabrics, colors, cuts, and materials. Each design that Pink Pewter produces in its collection is unique as well as stunning.

Check out this great brand video that Pink Pewter did for their YouTube channel!

We’ve added 3 new styles of stretch headbands from Pink Pewter to our New Arrivals page:

center-noel-bronzePink Pewter Noel Rhinestone Stretch Headband

pink-pewter-allisonPink Pewter Allison Rhinestone Stretch Headband

Pink-Pewter-piper-headbandPink Pewter Piper Feather and Stone Stretch Headband

Pink Pewter has a ton of great tutorial videos on their YouTube channel that show you how to create just the right ‘look’ using their embellished, stretch headbands.

You can see Pink Pewter being worn by one of its biggest (not forgetting to mention famous) fan, Carrie Underwood!

1005944_632687150074697_308867142_n 1010697_643643495645729_1616575058_nWe’re definitely a fan of this country singer’s effortless style!!! (Photos c/o Pink Pewter Facebook page)

We’re so excited to share the Pink Pewter women’s hair accessory with you at Stop by any one of our listed local store locations if you’re interested in trying this trendy, embellished headband on!

Pink Pewter headbands are available in these local Glik’s stores:

  • Edwardsville, IL
  • Rockford, MI
  • Fenton, MI
  • Eagle River, WI
  • Traverse City, MI
  • Columbia, MO
  • Saugatuck, MI
  • Holland, MI

Take a Roadtrip to Minocqua, Wisconsin

When summertime hits and the streets seem to almost melt under the sizzling heat, I escape to the water. Like many others who are as lucky as I to have a home away from home near a body of water, summer signifies the opportunity to escape our normal lives in favor of a few days freedom.

I remember as a child helping my mother roll up sleeping bags, fold blankets, and pack coolers full of food to cook. My father always took care of the boat (his then baby). Once the truck was packed, boat hitched and everything strapped down, we were ready to head north to spend a few days immersed in the wilderness with a group of family friends who shared our passion for the same “great escape”.

Many of our northern Glik’s store locations are stationed in towns that are similar to the one that my family visited. Anytime I get the chance to share with others my childhood memories I am reminded of all the wonderful northern places that Glik’s has settled into and how it would be nice to visit them.  One such place is Minocqua, Wisconsin.

486976_3246294029042_221863916_n(Photo c/o of Northwoods Muskies:  here)

Located in the hub of the Northwoods, Minocqua, WI sits in the middle of thousands of acres of pine and hardwood forests that expand over the northern glacier landscape. This results in tons of isolated natural lakes that are so quiet that they seem untouched by man, and the echo of an uncommon loon can be heard echoing from shore to shore.  Sounds dreamy right?

image(Photo c/o of Minocqua Area Chamber of Commerce: here)

In addition to a TON of other native wildlife, the Minocqua area features shopping, supper clubs, cafes, outdoor outfitters, (my favorite) real lumberjack shows, museums, gaming, and one of the oldest amateur ski shows in the United States. All of this sounds pretty exciting, huh? Not forgetting to mention that Minocqua is one of the best fishing towns in America, being located within an area of over 2,300 bodies of fresh water (that’s the highest concentration in the world) has it’s perks. Minocqua is also home to the North Highland- American Legion State Forest. The NH-AL is the largest state forest in Wisconsin boasting 223,000 acres that feature 18 family campgrounds and 130 canoe and remote campsites.


Fishing Mino(Photos c/o of Minocqua Area Chamber of Commerce: here)

With so many things to do in the Minocqua, WI area I had to ask our local Glik’s store Co-Managers, Judy and Sandi what their favorite things were to do in their home town.

Where are a few of your favorite places to eat in Minocqua?

Judy- That would be The Thirsty Whale.  This uniquely built restaurant has been entertaining customers for more than 100 years and is famous for their (heaven sent) fried cheese curds.  Stop by, sit-down, relax, and enjoy a Spotted Cow on draft with your char-grilled burger and cheese curds while experiencing a first-hand view of the local ski shows or casual boaters who pass by.

Thirsty Whale(Photo c/o The Thirsty Whale blog: here)

Are there any interesting facts about the Minocqua Area that you would like to share?

Sandi– Minocqua is on an island! Water and beautiful wooded areas surround us, and there is also an exotic wildlife park!!! Doesn’t get better than that for the summer!

PICT0082(Photo c/o of the Northwoods Wildlife Center: here)


Does Minocqua have any famous/popular community events?

Judy­– The community holds several craft fairs throughout the year as well as the MOST FAMOUS event of course, Minocqua’s own BEEF-A-RAMA (held in September).

100_28481 Screen shot 2013-07-12 at 11.01.43 AM(Photos c/o of

Lastly, what do you ladies feel is unique about your particular Glik’s store location?

Judy– Glik’s in Minocqua is unique just because of the area that we are located in. We’re a small, hometown community that is surrounded by water and nature. Our Glik’s store caters to the exact area that we are located in providing product that supports the local weather and recreation requirements while at the same time providing unique fashions to the community that are on-trend and easily accessible.


If you’re considering a vacation or are already a resident of the area we invite you to come see us!

Can’t forget to share this exiting news!!! The Minocqua Blast Fox Wake Demo will be at the Minocqua Bats next week, July 17th at 7pm!

Stop by our Eagle River location from 2-4pm for a chance to meet the team and snag a few autographs. Can’t make it? That’s okay, the guys will be at our Minocqua, WI location for in-store signing on July 18th from 11am- 1pm too!

New Brand Alert: Naked Zebra

The ladies (+ one stylish guy) of Glik’s Women’s Merchandising team are always looking for new, trendy brands to bring back from the LA fashion market. On a recent trip to the west coast a new (amazing) women’s brand was discovered. Meet the ultra cool-girl brand, Naked Zebra! We are super excited for you to meet her!

Naked Zebra is an apparel brand based in Los Angeles, California, that offers sophisticated, cutting edge fashion. The brand is most noted by the fabric used in their pieces; the 100% polyester crepe fabric is smooth, lightweight and drapes to perfection. Quality fabrication, a fashion forward design aesthetic and the comfort of silky smooth fabric give the wearer a boost of confidence. Naked Zebra clothing is unique in that it has touches of both classy innocence and elegance to flatter any age and body type.

Simple has never been so sweet. Solid colors, simple designs, and phenomenal fabric make Naked Zebra pieces your go-to for any occasion. Dress up or down by layering with your favorite cardigan or blazer. Toss on a pair of jeans and the outfit is complete and simply stunning.

IMG_1319-NT8117Naked Zebra V-Neck L/S Gathered Back Blouse

IMG_0383-at2367Naked Zebra Pleat Button Keyhole Cami

IMG_1325-AT2143Naked Zebra L/S Woven Button Blouse

IMG_9611-NT8118Naked Zebra Zipper Front Blouse

We guarantee that Naked Zebra will soon to become your favorite brand!  So versatile and chic, be sure to check for more Naked Zebra styles coming out in the near future which will carry you through all seasons.